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Everyone at Plotwise is on the mission to end the delivery crisis. All the bright and creative people here are developing an API-only product that allows our customers to have the best delivery route. It increases the number of deliveries per route, reduces costs and, more importantly, reduces their environmental footprint. Because at the end of the day, we all want to contribute to a better world, right? 

With a diverse pool of expertise and perspectives, we solve these complex mobility challenges and shape the urban logistics landscape. At Plotwise, we’re always on the lookout for talent who can help us overcome these challenges; talented people with a drive for growth and further development, with whom we can further shape the future of urban logistics.

Working at Plotwise

Before you jump in and start working at us, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are an international team with over 15 nationalities, which brings inspiring dynamics and stories. The majority of our team is in tech, but the business is useless without the sales, delivery and people team. The Plotwise product is an API based solution, so without front-end. At Plotwise we solve hard problems of logistics, optimization and operation research. The challenge is at our doorstep and involves some great level of engineering in different areas, such as algorithmic, back-end, GIS & Machine Learning. The delivery of our product to some of the leading companies using our API, is challenging and requires high-quality stakeholder management and technical expertise from the Delivery team. Our current Tech-team is about 15 people, which brings the benefits of a solid base, with room for specialization and flirting with other technologies, such as Rust. Most of our stack is based on Python.

As a team, we value innovation and new ideas, personal growth and well-being. At Plotwise your voice is heard; anyone can contribute an idea. We enjoy flexibility and are working primarily remote, with the office in Delft available. We believe that a diverse and inclusive team contributes to our industry changing product and to an extraordinary customer and employee experience. We strive for equality for all and that’s why we do not discriminate on anything. We fully accept you, as you!

Our Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • A salary that's measured against the market
  • Personal development budget that can be used to your liking
  • Working at a place where you're being challenged and learning is important
  • An environment in which your ideas are valued and appreciated
  • An international team that bring inspiring dynamics (and awesome cultural cooking classes)
  • Weekly yoga classes
  • 25 holidays

Want to know more about some of the challenges our Back-end faces, read our blogpost on this topic here:

Piotr Zakrzweksi
Solutions Architect at Plotwise

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